Radial Plus

Radial Plus 0.20

Off the wall space shoot 'em up


  • Great idea
  • Great special effects
  • Really atmospheric


  • Short
  • Tough

Very good

Radial Plus is an atmospheric retro space shoot 'em up, with the unusual feature that your weapons only harm enemies when they are deflected off surfaces. Imagine a shooter mixed with billiards, and you won't be far off.

The game may not look like much, and indeed it is pretty short, but Radial Plus is really cool. The minimal graphics are excellent, and explosions are really pretty. Sound effects are excellently handled too. In closed areas, explosions and gunfire are loud and sharp, while out in space they are muffled and distant. It's very effective, and accompanied by a moody electronic soundtrack that makes the Radial Plus excellently tense.

Default controls are via mouse and keyboard, and work well, which is good, as enemies are much more powerful than you, and you'll need excellent and quick aim to take out the tougher ones. Despite the short length of Radial Plus, it's challenging, and really satisfying.

With its retro-futurist styling, Radial Plus will please anyone who loves shoot 'em ups and big explosions in space!

Radial Plus


Radial Plus 0.20

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